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Abnormal Protein the cause of Dementia?

Are Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s diseases all caused by the same thing, Abnormal Proteins? A very interesting  study is in process examining this possibility at Loyola University in Chicago.

If so, a single medical solution could be used to attack the cause of most disease caused by an illness.

The Report: Loyola Univ

This Exercise Improves Your Brain

You probably seen enough articles extolling the virtues of exercise. Until recently you probably seen what type of exercise is best for your brain.

Mayo recently did a study examining the different types of exercise and the one that best improves the brain function. The results of the showed that HIIT (high-intensity interval training) was by far the leader with all age groups.

What is good about HIIT takes less time then other types of exercise. To make your brain smarter, get off your butt and starting exercising.

Mayo Clinic report: Mayo Clinic


What does #Covfefe have to do with Mind Improvement? Everything, if you learn to laugh at what is happening in the White House and the DC Press Core.

Learn to laugh at the stupid things in life to have a better life.

Go to this store to find your Covfefe products: Neat Stuff

My 3 Favorite Relaxation CDs/Downloads

What do I use to relax, Number 1 is exercise, Number 2 is listening to relaxing CDs or now more often downloads.

When I listen to these titles I have noticed a mark decrease in stress level, also – not much of a surprise to me – a great increase in productivity.

  1. Sleep – Wind Chimes & Birds“. Though this title says “Sleep”, I found it works great for stress reduction.  It is one hour long. On CD: SLEEP – Wind Chimes & Birds CD or as a Download: Sleep – Wind Chimes & Birds download.
  2. By the Lake“. This title is one hour long. On CD: By the Lake CD or as a Download: By the Lake download.
  3. Tropical Rain“. This title is one hour long. On CD: Tropical Rain CD or as a Download: Tropical Rain download.

All three cost about $10 each. An excellent use of a ten spot for the benefit of your mind and productivity.



New Year Less Stress

Do you want the year 2017 be filled with less stress. Just tell yourself that there will be less stress in 2017 and you will have less stress.

This is opposite that most stressed filled people do. They keep telling themselves how much stress there is going to be; they get that stress.

Tell yourself less stress in 2017 and you will have a better life.

Memory Lapses or Memory Losses?

As we age, memory lapses become common. It’s annoying to forget where you put your key, but it’s not unusual (and treatable). But, if you forget what a key is for or how to use it, you may have what doctors call dementia.

Normal Memory Lapses

  • You are worried about your memory, but your relatives are not.
  • You remember the incidents of memory losses.
  • You have occasional difficulty finding words or remembering names.
  • You remember important events.
  • You remain interested in people and your social skills are intact.
  • You can function independently.
  • You don’t get lost in familiar territory, though you may have to pause to find your way.

Non-Normal Memory Losses

  • Relatives are concerned, but you are not aware of the problem.
  • You do not remember the events.
  • You demonstrates frequent pauses and substitutions when finding words.
  • You forget important things.
  • You become withdrawn or behaves inappropriately.
  • You grows dependent on others for activities of daily life.
  • You get lost while driving or walking; may take hours to get home.

Serious memory loss is usually identified by a relative or friend.

Tips for Keeping your Memory

  • Get mental stimulation. Do something NEW, be it reading a new book, word puzzles, any new craft, or Brain exercise programs.
  • Get your Heart in Shape. Exercise daily, at least 30-minutes a day. Keep your calories down, load up on fruits, vegetables, and fish. Cut down on saturated and trans fats and salt (sodium). Keep your cholesterol down. If you have high blood-pressure (hypertension) get it treated.
  • Improve your Blood Sugar. Diabetes is a major risk factor, for memory loss.
  • Avoid tobacco. This is the most important way to prevent disease.
  • Don’t abuse alcohol. People who drink heavily are courting disaster.
  • Consider low-dose aspirin. Some evidence suggests that long-term use of aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs may reduce the risk of memory loss. Ask your doctor before start using aspirin.
  • Stay calm. Stress, depression and sleep deprivation impair mental function.
  • Protect your head. Wear a helmet were necessary. Head injuries increase the risk of memory loss.

A Rant

I am frustrated with the current line of research by the drug companies for Alzheimer’s. There has not been a new drug approved for this condition for over eleven years. The FDA is not to blame. The drug companies and their researchers do not understand the problem.

Alzheimer’s is Not a disease, it is a condition (s symptom). For example, a runny noise is not a disease, flu is the disease that causes the symptom of a runny noise. Medical research has come up antihistamines, which treats the runny noise, but does not treat the disease. By the way, you should not start using an antihistamines immediately upon getting a Cold or the Flu. The runny noise is your body’s attempt to get a foreign substance (a virus) out of your body.

Researchers look as if they do Not understand that they should not be working on trying to relieve symptoms but finding the diseases (yes plural, there is probably more than one reason Alzheimer’s shows up).

Two years ago there were 230 drugs in stage three trails for Alzheimer’s. None approved.

Unfortunately, our parents will suffer because of the drug company’s ignorance.