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September 27, 2018
How does exercise keep your brain young?  The Article
Stay active; age gracefully. Behind this truism, there’s a pile of unanswered scientific questions. Researchers are still sorting out what it is about physical activity that seems to lower the risk of dementia later in life. Even more uncertain is whether the effects of exercise can alter the course of diseases that cause dementia—chief among them, Alzheimer’s disease—once they’ve already taken root....

YOUR HEALTH: Exercising the brain and its senior impact  The Article
NEW YORK CITY – Which comes first: does exercise lead to better brain health? Or is it the other way around? Can improving a senior’s mental capacity by playing brain games help increase his or her mobility? ...

A brain boost to fight Alzheimer's disease  The Article
Alzheimer's disease is one of the biggest medical challenges of our time. About 30 million people worldwide are living with Alzheimer's disease, and the numbers are predicted to increase to 100 million by 2050...
Sitting and how it affects your brain  The Article
Realising [sic] that you won’t be 21 forever is a hard-to-swallow harsh truth. But realising that your body and mind won’t remain as sharp as your greatest years, is even worse....
4 scientifically proven ways to boost brain power as you get older The Article
Most people know that sitting for very long periods of time without getting up is unhealthy. It can lead to a slew of adverse health benefits over time like weight gain and back pain. If that wasn't enough, a new study points out a new list of ailments.
Brain Gain  The Article
Exercise generates new neurons and improves cognition in Alzheimer’s model...

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