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The Holiday Stressed

December 16, 2017

The season is a happy time and a time of tension. It’s all about family, friends, neighbors and over limit credit cards and fighting crowds. It’s about remembering the good times this you have this time of year and overcome mistakes of the past.

We insist on trying to have a perfect holiday.

To relieve stress, first of all remember that there is no perfect holiday. Often we look back at what we think is a terrible situation, like a turkey or a cat in a Christmas tree, and we laugh at what we think is unthinkable. Learning to laugh at yourself is a great stress relief.

Also, do not forget to join your health club if you are a member. If you are not a member, donate to a Christmas member.  Some major health plans pay part or all of the cost of membership to the insured.

The problem at this time of year is to find time to go. It is important that if this method is chosen to reduce stress, the planned time should be to go to the gym or club as the business appointment will be set. Make time for yourself.

Take a break for 3 minutes during your work day. If possible, close your eyes and do some deep breathing exercises in your office. Walking (or running) on ​​the stairs will help, or you can just walk adroitly around the office – in fact, any mini fitness will do. The idea is to put your mind out of stress.

Feeling stressed at home? Try a hot bath. It is also suggested to spray your favorite fragrance into the air and then sit for a few minutes to enjoy it.

Does stress result from tiredness or burning from shopping or cooking? Try to set the time at night or when driving to work, where you can focus on yourself and what you really need. Thinking about your needs is very important. But do not just think about it, plan your actions to meet those needs.

Taking care of yourself with a professional massage can help bring a new look to your situation. Maybe you just have a good night’s sleep, where you can wake up late – even if it means spending a day off for that purpose. If your obligation becomes a burden, share your problem – maybe friends or family can come up with a solution.

The main points of stress relief are that you realize the need and the effective stress reduction does not take much time.

Mini-relaxation can help reduce your stress level even if you only have a few minutes to spare.

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