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Creativity Fights Stress

September 19, 2017

Creativity leads to positive effects on your physical and mental health. In a recent study, the researchers provided nearly forty people with technical materials such as markers and paper, telling them to create whatever they wanted in a 45 minute period. Scientists have discovered that regardless of the technical expertise of participants, about 75 percent experienced a decrease Cortisol levels, a hormone that secrete the body to respond to stress and detrimental to brain cells.

This stress study is useful because it means that many of us can benefit from art related therapy. Like physical exercise, creative stimulation involves focusing our minds on the task at hand; distracting us from feelings of tension and anxiety.

When you create, you call on your imagination, a productive and constructive use of your mind. By focusing intensively on a creative task, one can achieve the state of “flow”.

In other words, when you “lose yourself” in writing a song or painting a picture, you are essentially entering a state of healthy flow. You do not notice the time or events that occur around you. During periods of flow, his brain secrete a healthy dose of fun chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin. By creating, we can get into the flow, which can give us the rush of positive energy.

We may feel positive feelings because creation is the ultimate act of freedom. You can show the world you want to see – one musical notes or brush stroke at one time. In a study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University, the brains of six jazz musicians were examined during improvisation on the keyboard. The results showed that there is a decrease in activity in the brain region known as lateral dorsal lobe crust, which is usually associated with thinking, deliberation and self-monitoring. This is part of the brain that is used when taking a difficult exam or trying to interpret words from a potential investor. Deadly activity indicates that creativity or improvisation more accurately reduces the guard.

If you have seen jazz improvisation music, you can not help thinking that they are in a state of flow, directing inner feelings and making them a beautiful melody. “What we think is happening is when you say your own musical story that closes the pulses that can block the flow of new ideas,” one scientist said. By creating, we feel more free and we live without compunction.

Of course, we are not all jazz musicians or composers. But, we must participate in creative lives, to live longer. In another study, researchers examined data from 1,000 older men over a period of almost 20 years. The researchers found that people who were more creative tend to live longer, perhaps because creativity stimulates many areas of the brain that can be kept healthier.

Creative people tend to deal with stress better, to rework potential obstacles as opportunities: “Creators can see more problems as opportunities. Feeling stressed, “Create.”

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