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A Rant

May 25, 2015

I am frustrated with the current line of research by the drug companies for Alzheimer’s. There has not been a new drug approved for this condition for over eleven years. The FDA is not to blame. The drug companies and their researchers do not understand the problem.

Alzheimer’s is Not a disease, it is a condition (s symptom). For example, a runny noise is not a disease, flu is the disease that causes the symptom of a runny noise. Medical research has come up antihistamines, which treats the runny noise, but does not treat the disease. By the way, you should not start using an¬†antihistamines immediately upon getting a Cold or the Flu. The runny noise is your body’s attempt to get a foreign substance (a virus) out of your body.

Researchers look as if they do Not understand that they should not be working on trying to relieve symptoms but finding the diseases (yes plural, there is probably more than one reason Alzheimer’s shows up).

Two years ago there were 230 drugs in stage three trails for Alzheimer’s. None approved.

Unfortunately, our parents will suffer because of the drug company’s ignorance.

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