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The Problem with Stress

October 29, 2014

Almost half of all adults have a problem with stress. And the numbers are getting worse, with 40% of adults saying their stress level has increased over the past five years.

Most of your body’s systems are adversely affected by stress.

Stress will shrink your brain. Stress causes the formation of cortisol in the brain which destroys brain cells. If you are under constant stress your brain will shrink in size.

It is false to think we use 10% of our brain, we use 100% of our brain. Less brain means less thoughts, less memory, less analytical ability.

Studies have shown that stress reduces your immunity system. People under stress suffer more diseases from colds and flu to cancer than those who are not under stress.

Prolonged stress releases inflammatory chemicals. Inflammation contributes to the formation of plaque in your arteries. This increases the threat of a heart attack and stroke.

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